2014 the year of purify.

Fly  love, free and  let it  go, ur ego.

Love free and let it go ur ego.

This year will be about the importance of gaining more balance for ur own sake, actually everybody needs to learn to judge less, if u would know we all started like young souls, u also have to be aware u have been there, we all have the same start, could it be as a poor or social low person, which is certainly not the same, what i try to say is, just see all of us as same souls, young or older.  Thus don’t judge that easy, even when u try not to judge it will seem impossible, because our opinion makes us judge and so we have to be careful and prudent with what we think, or want to accommlpish.

Some people come into ur life to show u the way, to guide u or they want to learn from u, these people will not stay in ur life forever mostly, longterm relations are like lessons in life, together u will get more aware, feel love or maybe even create hate through others, remember we were all born without that knowledge, love is another matter, love is light, which/where we are going once we leave earth, maybe not directly but in the end we will be surrounded by that light, which contains endless love, so love is in the system, but hate is the darkness, start of many bad vibrations, doing verbal or in deed, mostly its from being denied, jalousie, which is same as hate the darkness, don’t be to afraid of it, when u have the right view u will concur it before it will go to far.

Let love be the first issue u care for, love for urself and then u will be able to love others. It is far from easy to just love, same way it is the most easy ever, when u know it, when u experienced it, if u feel it, warmth and clear feelings.

See the bird, u let it free, that is what u do when u know love, u allow urself to be selfish in a way which is needed to be able to be there, present, love going through heart, body and sending out the best vibrations on earth or even universe, u need ur ego, but not to mend u, not to be u, just to survive and be able to use ur mind, listen to ur heart and mind, make it work in balance, this year we all will be busy with getting it more clear and clean, don’t think to much, let it go, just follow the ones u like and listen well, u will learn to be more modest, or maybe the opposite, it depends what u experienced up till now. Do not fight, unless it is for the voiceless, take or give, both are same, u have to be able to do both and enjoy same way. Make urself happy, u deserve that and it (u) will be so much more worth for others.

See the light, purify, cleans and vlear urself in 2014

See the light, purify, cleans and clear urself in 2014




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