Believe religion or any inspiration it is all for u, ur flow.

It is around u and guides u.Do you believe that whatever you may be experiencing right now is designed to move you deeper into your grace and Authenticity? How so, you might ask. All the events in all our lives are integral aspect of how our own essence flows in direct proportion to what we believe about ourselves and the world around us in any given moment. So, whether it is something that excites you, brings you joy, challenges you, or gives you reason to pause, you are invited to remember that everything happens for a reason…and simply FOR you. I like to think of them as luminescent pearls of insight that light the way for us all. And when you accept these experiences for what they are and as they are, you will come to know that they are the very things that inspire what you are becoming through them. That is our journey…to remember who we are in our Soulfulness and being mindful of what comes through us to help in that endeavor. Are you open to seeing these pearls of insight in your experiences? Create for yourself an empowering day feeling the gentle and graceful flow of your own amazing journey through every experience…knowing they are guiding you into the greater Essence of who you are. Ofcourse u are guided by guardian angels, but they also where on earth to learn, like u.

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