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Why do we reincarnate?Our purpose here on earth is to learn lessons and to gain knowledge and experience. This is where the concept of reincarnation comes into play. Prior to incarnate we decide what lessons we experience and learn to develop spiritually. When we choose our lessons, we also choose the experiences and circumstances that enable us to learn that particular lesson.Once our soul takes the decision to reincarnate in a human body, we create a “blueprint”. This blueprint is based on what our souls the most interested to learn, to acquire knowledge and to grow. The blueprint covers all aspects of our lives including the nature of the parents, siblings, family, youth and sex.It also includes our careers, financial status, sexual preferences, relationships, marriage partners, our children and even the length of our lives. Illness and death are included in the blueprint of our lives, even though we are able to select a select option”.
This “choice optionallows us to change or modify options (such as illness and death) as we move forward in our lives.

There are seven choice optionswithin our blueprints and these include family, health, love, social life, finances, career, and spirituality.
These are the areas where our souls to learn it most and where it’s most challenged during our lives.

Within the theory of reincarnation our blueprints contain all the elements of our new life in which we can use our free will to make decisions. It also gives us the opportunity to learn by using our intuition and inner knowing.

Once we reincarnation experience in human form we lose consciousness regarding our blueprints for our life on earth.

Besides the mapping of our blueprints for incarnating, we make sacred contracts with entities from beyond’ (the realm of the mind), to guide and protect us, they help and advise us on our earthly journey. The most intimate of these consultants are our ‘Guides’. Our spiritual guides help us to receive and our blueprints to review and implement, and every step in our life with us.

All spiritual guides have spent at least one life on the earth plane. This makes them able to empathize with all weaknesses, problems, errors, temptations and fears that we encounter along the way.

The main task of the guide is to encourage, incite, nudge, support and guide us on the path of our life. Our spiritual guides send us messages through our intuition and subconscious.

In our blueprints, we write in ‘signposts’ that let us know that we are on the right track. From time to time in our lives that appear signs in the form of a déjà vu.
It feels like total familiarity and our logical mind assumes that we have already been through this in one way or another during our lives. But in fact we do not, what we experience with déjà vu is a small sign of our blueprint that we made while we were on the other side. “

With this kind of déjà vu soul resonates profoundly with the realization of our blueprint. The echoes from our subconscious (where the soul / spirit consists mind)
our conscious mind. In that case receive our conscious and subconscious mind is a confirmation that we are in perfect synchronization with our blueprints.
Apart from this, we get a quick look at the eternity of life of our soul.

That same glimpse of the signs of our blueprints can also occur to us as a ‘coincidence.’ Because we did not realize the significance of the board at the time it occurs, we rarely give it the attention and think that this is just a coincidence,
but there are no coincidences in the universe because everything happens for a reason. What we are experiencing is actually a signpost in our blueprint just before the sign appears in our lives.

A close relative of coincidence ‘synchronicity’. Synchronicity is considered a particularly meaningful coincidence. It is almost always an unmistakable physical sign of a certain species and not only draws our attention to the harmony of the universe, but also gives us a tangible proof that we are exactly where we basically wanted as our blueprint, what we do and the exact moment.

Within the theory of reincarnation, as we travel along our earthly journey we stay informed and inline with our intuition and higher, inner wisdom.
The purpose of reincarnation is to learn life lessons and gain experience and knowledge for the growth of our soul.

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