Where do u go to my lovely

Where do u go to my lovely, when u are alone in ur bed, do u wander through ur mind or heart? Do u think of better times, or are u just to tired and sleep comes soon.

Are u wishing for more or just content, do u realize u are one of many, afraid of maybe just urself, ur mind is running of with u maybe.

U go ur own alley, way, path, just stick to it, not often u will go wrong way and if u do, u will find urself on a crosspoint again to choose the right direction. U just have to believe in urself, love urself in U, the angels will always be with u, if u know this or not, it are ur intentions what count.

Trust for ur own being, spiritual and earthly, not thinking what others may think of u, but what did u say or do wrong but more important what did u do well, so tomorrow it will be better, if u consider all day, in what u could have done or leave.

Dont dispair, we are all but a tiny spot on earth, but a lightening flame in the chain of light, surrounding earth, we are learning, every minute, that is, if u are aware, when u want that and see the benefit, u cannot take anything with u when leaving this earth, u will be able to leave some behind for next generations, not money, or being a celebrety, but because u tried to live ur life mostly with the best intentions.

So why worry, why getting dragged away by false thaugths, or others who are not with u, let it be, take urself by the hand and move on, believe it, u are real and able to change if needed. Again love is the most important to feel for u and others.

Even when u did wrong and cannot make it right u will be able to do good next time, its all about u, ur thinking (positif), ur intentions, ur input and balance, try to see that and u are halfway there.

For most of u. u are already special because ur interest goes futher then only earthly gain and wealth, ur path may be not strait all the way, with holes and bubbles, well here u are, congratulations. U ARE ALIVE and worth it. Just trust what is coming, dont look back, or aside when u are able to act, thats all, that is called life.

Maybe u want to rest better, sleep more or longer/deeper, try a mantra, like i pray for worldpeace, i pray for worldpeace………. then go to nothing or white/black, if possible empty ur mind fully………….maybe this will not just happen in one nite, but keep on trying.379580_519313014758679_1539365543_n


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