Believe religion or any inspiration it is all for u, ur flow.

It is around u and guides u.Do you believe that whatever you may be experiencing right now is designed to move you deeper into your grace and Authenticity? How so, you might ask. All the events in all our lives are integral aspect of how our own essence flows in direct proportion to what we believe about ourselves and the world around us in any given moment. So, whether it is something that excites you, brings you joy, challenges you, or gives you reason to pause, you are invited to remember that everything happens for a reason…and simply FOR you. I like to think of them as luminescent pearls of insight that light the way for us all. And when you accept these experiences for what they are and as they are, you will come to know that they are the very things that inspire what you are becoming through them. That is our journey…to remember who we are in our Soulfulness and being mindful of what comes through us to help in that endeavor. Are you open to seeing these pearls of insight in your experiences? Create for yourself an empowering day feeling the gentle and graceful flow of your own amazing journey through every experience…knowing they are guiding you into the greater Essence of who you are. Ofcourse u are guided by guardian angels, but they also where on earth to learn, like u.

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It is difficult to let ur beloved ones free, once they passed away.


A release which is required
Someone you had a good connection is deceased and that you still do a lot of pain. You have that person still can not let go and this hinders you now in your life. It is logical and human that you miss that person, but you will find it too hard to pull you. You think about it often and do it again and again a lot of pain. Something in you says you‘re there to go back to continue with life, but you do not know quite how to do that. You want to let go, while you can use some help.
You’d like to be happy and to enjoy life. You feel that there are nice things waiting for you, so you want to make that step. You do not live alone to grieve. You like to think back to that person without having to really feel bad, and that can. Now there is to that memory still a lot of pain fixed.
You can pick up your life again, you can go back to enjoy the new and at the same time that person keep in your memory. Now that control memory and pain your life too much and you can do something about it.Why is it even now as it is? There is pain in you, and that you feel deep pain. Pain is resistance. So there is still resistance in you. As long as there remains resistance in you when it comes to this topic, little will change. It’s not the person, the memory of that person or parting what to let go. You can get back on with your life, the rest of your life a warm memory of that person carry with you and still be very happyWhat you have to let go to feel a lot better and move on with your life is the resistance (pain) that the death of your loved one has loosened in you.You may think that it is the bond between you that is broken causing the pain but that is not so. You are a soul and that person is a soul, and you’re both energy that will persist even after your death. The band was there and will always be able to continue to exist. The pain you feel now is still the pain of resistance in you that has been loosened by the death of your loved one.
That pain persists and is powered and maintained by your mind, your ego and your pain body.
It may be that you are shocked by what I say, and it may be that it is not consistent with what you think. What your mind tells of what I tell you is not interesting. What is interesting is what your feeling, your deep feeling tells you. Always listen to your feelings. Your feeling comes from your soul, so your body and your body never lies. Your eyes are the mirror of your soul and your body is the expression of your soul.

Pain is resistance. Stress resistance, voltage resistance, depressed and melancholy for a large portion resistance. It’s nice if you can understand it with your mind, but it’s much more important that you understand this story with your feelings. It feels good, it is good for you and will help you further.
Pain, resistance, stress unconscious energies. This means that they often go unnoticed because you can go ahead it normal that they are there and they have a very big impact on your life. You can find it just that debilitating thoughts and feelings about that person just come and go as they please, without you consciously chosen here.
It‘s normal that you feel bad about the death of a loved one and it can still just be that it takes longer for me?

Your pain would rather stay.
It makes sense that you’re in pain. However, if lying on your pain and resistance remain provisionally nice to you and if possible they will never leave. Still going great so ?!
Pain and resistance are an energy that you can see yourself apart. This energy I also mention the pain body. Your pain is the collection of body pain that has saved your soul in all of your lives together. You can sleep and your body pain can be active pain-body.

Sleep your body pain, then your life is going well enough and mostly “nothing wrong music.” However, pain awakens your body and the asset or whether there is pain in you or your pain body is working to hurt you pulling. Although you can sleep pain body, he sleeps like a cat, always wake up with half an eye, and ears that turning occasionally but interesting sounds

As far as your pain to your bad feelings and thus to your woes continue this as long as possible. And that can be very long. Your heart you know how long some people want to cling to their dramas. At one time, it is also good to go again, to go back to life
As I said, pain is unconscious energy and who would rather stay. You will therefore themselves in the driving seat to take to help yourself and what to let go of what you get in the way. The pain itself will not go away, but you can add yourself to make the conscious decision to say goodbye to pain and that resistance is still in you.
And maybe you also made that decision. You are reading this article for a reason and there is something in you that has ensured that you have found my website. Coincidence? Does not exist.

Then there is the mind
The second major destructor is your mind and many think. If you start thinking about your loved one then quickly follow the rotgevoelens in your body. Emotions are the reaction of your body in mind. Just like your body ache for your mind is the death of your loved one a wonderful topic. Your mind can fine go ahead and dig in the past. Your mind, your subconscious energy would also like to sit or in the past or in the future. There’s the feast. In addition to the awareness of reading and releasing the audio exercises will also help you to notice when there come again “known thoughtsin your head when it comes to the one you want to let go. Just as the body is going to hurt your mind hitherto unnoticed be nice walk with you and your state of mind. You just have moments when the subject comes up in your mind and in one way or another, it’s about the deceased through any entrance. This happens regularly, how regularly you know yourself. It’s in your head than on the person and the pain comes along. Until now, you have probably accepted that happened and you found this quite normal. Well, his or her death has had a huge impact on me and I often think about him or her. The normal thing in the world, right?

Understandably, completely understandable. However, your mind is a great destructor when it comes to your mood and your sweetheart will sense when a runaway horse with you crazy. Your mind wants more more more. Will you let go of the reins and you let your mind in the future simply take its course, then little will change for you. What will help you to move on with your life and let the pain of your loss separately is learning noticing your mind and your body pain. Learn to notice when your mind again you’re going to get. See, recognize when weather is happening in your head. Your mind caught at the beginning of a story in your head. One of the known, you depressing stories. Stories that do not help you get ahead. How is this going to help you? Why is noticing, recognizing certain thoughts and thought patterns you help with the release?

Recurrent thoughts and thought patterns nourish and continually strengthen your pain and your painful memories. Your pain body feeds on this and is getting stronger in this topic. Your “system” becomes accustomed to this subject and to the thoughts and associated feelings on this subject. You ended up in a vicious circle and to get out of here, it is important to break the food source of this vicious circle.
Recurrent thoughts about your loved one are the food source.

There are thus two.
There’s a part of you that really do not want to let go and there’s a part of you that wants to continue. The part of you that still does not want to let go of the unconscious energy in you. The part of you that wants to further your conscious energy. It is this last energy that causes you Start Up at the right time at the right information and have the right feeling with it. Your conscious energy is the energy of your Higher Self, your source and does everything to make you develop in your life. Conscious versus unconscious. Love versus fear. Development versus stationary. Release versus retention. When it comes to what you‘d like to let go of it until now most likely unconscious energy in you that has been at the helm. You were living and your state of mind was at the mercy of your unconscious energy. There comes a time when you’re done with this, and that you use no more of sees to keep repeating the same misery and over again. Enough is enough.

The pain was already there and was just released.
There is a deceased loved one of yours and that has a lot of pain loosened in you. And it is exactly as it is written; That event has loosened pain in you. The pain was already there, in you, and that event has loosened. Your loved one has thus helped you to pick up this resistance in you.

An incentive to continue.
I told you so that you say goodbye to your loved one can see as a stimulus to continue. There was already resistance in you, which was released by this farewell and you felt in the form of deep pain. Your resistance was touched, loosened and it is intended that this resistance is converted into flowing energy. Nothing happened for a reason. If it is true that everything is connected with each other, the soul, the energy of your beloved but now there is no body, what would that soul then like for you?
If that soul would see and understand exactly how it works with your development which would like the soul of your precious than you?
Could this soul like you continue to mourn there are no longer in the physical body?”

You do your memory of that person not to let go. What you need to let go of the pain and resistance in you that sticking to that memory. How you gonna do that? You have already begun. By reading the words in the correct disconnect you, you have already made the start and have rewarded the conscious energy in you to find what you can help

You decide to go ahead, that person can go further.

This is translated by me and a Copy it is written by

Candani Licht


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Deja Vue

Where did i smell this before, a mix of vinigar, silver and mustard, the smell of a hotelbar in the morning, without the smoke and ash odeur which mostly goes with it.

From a place i once was and i knew instantly i would ever remember it, i would think of it, like it was  milestone, a moment of pride, fear or astonishment, of being aware, present.

Will i ever find out, maybe,  but it took me back, it took me back wanting to remember how it was to be a family, with my mother and father, sisters and even an aunt, who all lived in our hotel THE ANGEL in Deventer the place where i was born or with my partner and sons, allthough it is not the same, when u are the adult..

I am sad, i am longing for togetherness, want to be loved and have faith, feeling protected without knowing, is it important, is it a drop of water in the ocean of my life or just tying to be real and loved, the smell tells me this?

Is it my soul yearning for the light, the love, the everlasting warm glowing love there is when u leave ur body, when u go to gather with all who had a life on earth.

Years pass by and it all ads up, hours, days, doing what has to be done, going to work, doing the household and so on, life is ok nothing more nothing less.

Till u get a deja vue, then u know u have to stand still, think of what u are doing, making it worth more then just being, living ur life and getting along with it all. U are the one who makes the difference for u, the image is the voice of an angel, wispering u to look beyond the clouds of allday live, ur life.547487_558950727475060_1151245275_n

Why  do i write this down, is it my ego, thinking people will read this and so  maybe feel it too, or recognize same vibration, a whisper of ur angelvoice making u aware of the fact u are here, on earth, completing what u have to do, being the difference for u.

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Spiritual: is god a human-like man or a high energy?

God, Jahwe, Jezus, Mohammed, Christ and many others are used as press-act/product to make u believe in something u are able to recognize, to fear, to cling on too, but the holy spirit is within u, universal energy is beyond and above all!

According to many god has a hands and a mind, thats probably not the case, but if u ever have been dead for some moments or minutes, u are going to an immense tremendous strong light and love, actually no earthly word will ever be able to describe it, but this caused the idea and image of heaven and the mighty high one, so god is light, light is able to get brighter or darker, thats what we are able to accomplish, still many ppl want to believe in something more real, i think thats why the whole bible, Koran and any other books are written, so if its written it could never belong to that light, that light is universal, so much more and bigger then our tiny earth in this universe and so the earthly vieuw…..also it is understood and ok ppl want to hold on to something spiriual, it is far more better then just being synical, cruel, bored or whatever gives u (and others) bad energy, its a pity so many socalled holy persons and books are abusing this sprirtual feeling and missuse it, also holy books can be understood how u want it, or like it, because to many ppl rely on what others say it means……some of the believes are putting down women, or abuse children, but thats also just a human vibe, to bad that fanatics are not able to see this and push others to believe in what they see or think, not what is…………..

Everybody on this earth has an own path, find it, go and walk it to the end,

whenever that may be, dont fear dead, unless u kill urself but actually death is the biggest reward on earth, the last splendid trip, the most enlightening final.

Due to the fact the new pope just has been chosen Angelo Scola, i am glad, because all those who believe need this ritual and he is a man who is able to make this relgion worth more, because he is modern thinking and wanting to more actualety, i want to add, to believe is very ok, but to see and know it is within u is even better, praying is very important, because then a very high spirtual energy will be send to the light we call God, Jawhe, Mohammed and all other names there are on this earth, when u are not able to acknowledge this holy light i described then u better believe in God or any other religion, instead of  not see/believing in any holy spiritual vibration at all.

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This is earthangel Michael, the only one left between earth and heaven.

One song can spark a moment, One flower colours the field, One tree starts a forest, One bird can herald spring, One smile begins a friendship, One hand clap lifts a soul, One star can guide a ship at sea, One word can frame the goal, One vote can change a nation, One sunbeam lights a room, One candle wipes out darkness, One laugh will conquer gloom, One step could start a journey, One word should be each a prayer, One hope will raise our spirits, One touch shows love and care, One voice speaks often wisdom, One heart knows what’s true, One and each life makes the difference, You see it’s up to YOU

Create the life that u want now, go with the flow and let ur heart and mind speak in same positif level, 2007/2008/2009 will be moments to cleanse all, urself and the earth, just do what u can, to keep polution to a minium, enjoy all that is given in this matter and stand up for clean systems and production, agraculture and chopping wood, anything we do, its all able to do without ”steeling” , thus take what is not ours, thats how we treath/use earth, because like hunger and war is not needed, we will turn down the system of missusing and abuse…as well for people as this whole world, which is a powerfull nature, so…dont underastimate our mother earth.

The year 2009/2010 braught the sense into our whole system, apart from eating and be natural, we arel be able or try to see and feel more, then we did before,  the time to look at our life, dont u mind, whats going around, a kind off aggressif system, people so angry, hysterical…….or like dead, no feelings, no care, no motive, this is helas the outcome of the bad time we were into, the ppl who are numb, or angry, they could not help it, never forget we all have been there, we all started somewhere in this demension, so dont judh=ge just be there, present.

Do u want to be one off them, or the one who could lead, shows how it can be, becoming a real human being, we are eachothers steppingstones, no one is more or higher, only different, u ill see the first steps towards a major moneyproblem 2009/2010, but in the end, for the better, it suspected to have been a real rollover in the end off 2011, 28 oktober, the world as we know now has come to an end, that is to say, the first changes and chances will occur, 2012 will be the real year off coming there, i guess uptill 2024 everything wil lbe different, exept for love, and all positif vibrations, for instance, power will be so more clear where it should go/be. Or the way we will handle nature and all that has to do with our previously intentions will be another flow, so much more positif..If u want to be aware off that, start now, try to eat less meat, or not gained by the way we raise and use animals now, offcourse there are numerous ways to be able to get more clear, with urself and the world around u, step by step, u will get there, u will feel it, u will make the right move, others will act, same as u, to fullfill the way we will become, i cannot wait!!!!.

CHOOSE, THINK WITH UR HEART AND MIND, SENSE.AND FEEL IT, THEN TALK OR ACT..U could visit my other webpage, it is in dutch,( working on the english translation), about pollution off our mother earth and what u can do.

click here to email me

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u have to take care of ur health and that of earth, so both will live

U know, there was a lot of angels, now there is only one left, who is able to enter earth and ‘heaven’, the messenger from and to us…… u can ask him to come and see u…… but u can better help u, if u pray, pray for worldpeace, no asking for ur self……… Many times u might have been on earth, but it is also possible that u did not even choose this life yet and been pushed in it……..and u are here for the first time. Realization of urself and ur doing with that, is the most important thing, never make an end to ur life…… does not help……. and because u make ur family suffer by that it is even bad to do, so ask urself……when ur down and out……..what do i want, is that realety, is that love, hate, envie, being obsessed, how/what/why can i do that, and now-, close ur eyes and try to see a little ligth, above in between ur eyes, dont think, just keep ur eyes closed, after that, do whatever u like the most, so it easy fits in.

Because we all start the same way, we may be on different levels, due to awareness and being here not for the first time, this is no right to judge another, always know, u have been there too.

Everybody has her/his purpose and is able to reach it, if u doubt that…maybe u do not love or know urself enough… Why do we want to be together, why do u feel so good, when u are not alone, still we live our lifes in our own body, we cannot mingle, like water, but actually we want that, because we come from a demension, where we were like water all together, because we choosen to live on earth, to the someone, we become, to learn, to cleans, to die and go to another demension, a higher one, more close to that light, to go in the end, into that light, we call god, the lord, allah, holy father, to become one, this light is here, on earth as well, with whatever we do, we can either make it stronger or weaker.

Try to act knowing u are an example for children and never try to hurt……..

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