For many years i have been telling myself not to grant any value to the things i gathered during my life, i actually wanted to sell all and or throw it away.

I really dont know how the idea came to me, but i was watching a painter who shows his work and how he loved landscapes, but also is a hunter, so he paints deer and very good, as a matter of fact this painter is very famous and in the UK they call him the dutch master, he makes very beautifull paintings, but the remarkeble issue is, he shoots deer, while he loves them most of all.

That made me think, how is that possible and suddenly it got to me, one is able to detach, to not feel, to stay froozen when nessecairy, to be able to have full feelings just because of it, 487f990d7264c9e58b0c5bde2f46dc41that is a wonderfull thaught.

What happened with me having the idea one has to detach i will tell u in the coming story , so maybe it explains why.

So, i was out of my body for a few minutes and family around my bed was told maybe i would not make it, after a week i sort of woke up and then i knew, i was in a wonderfull place, so my reaction was, i dont want to live, i want to go back there, there and then the idea of not being attached to anything started and maybe it is a natural reaction, certainly when i was in my deepest depressing thaughts.

And now 9 years later i find it back, the source of enjoy on earth, enjoyment looking at nature, details everywhere in the town i live, on the old houses, ornaments, beautifull doors, porches, canals, bridges, people and the flowers and plants some ppl grow in tiny gardens in front of their house, it makes Amsterdam sweet and colorfull and so very enjoyeble..

This could be a way back to being more alife, more enjoyment and even more views on anything, thaughts, way of life, even judgements.

In the end of this year i will come back on this and update this experience, who knows it did do the right thing towards being able to be happy, enjoy and more earthly view, after all, thats where i am.

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Deja Vue

Where did i smell this before, a mix of vinigar, silver and mustard, the smell of a hotelbar in the morning, without the smoke and ash odeur which mostly goes with it.

From a place i once was and i knew instantly i would ever remember it, i would think of it, like it was  milestone, a moment of pride, fear or astonishment, of being aware, present.

Will i ever find out, maybe,  but it took me back, it took me back wanting to remember how it was to be a family, with my mother and father, sisters and even an aunt, who all lived in our hotel THE ANGEL in Deventer the place where i was born or with my partner and sons, allthough it is not the same, when u are the adult..

I am sad, i am longing for togetherness, want to be loved and have faith, feeling protected without knowing, is it important, is it a drop of water in the ocean of my life or just tying to be real and loved, the smell tells me this?

Is it my soul yearning for the light, the love, the everlasting warm glowing love there is when u leave ur body, when u go to gather with all who had a life on earth.

Years pass by and it all ads up, hours, days, doing what has to be done, going to work, doing the household and so on, life is ok nothing more nothing less.

Till u get a deja vue, then u know u have to stand still, think of what u are doing, making it worth more then just being, living ur life and getting along with it all. U are the one who makes the difference for u, the image is the voice of an angel, wispering u to look beyond the clouds of allday live, ur life.547487_558950727475060_1151245275_n

Why  do i write this down, is it my ego, thinking people will read this and so  maybe feel it too, or recognize same vibration, a whisper of ur angelvoice making u aware of the fact u are here, on earth, completing what u have to do, being the difference for u.

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2014 the year of purify.

Fly  love, free and  let it  go, ur ego.

Love free and let it go ur ego.

This year will be about the importance of gaining more balance for ur own sake, actually everybody needs to learn to judge less, if u would know we all started like young souls, u also have to be aware u have been there, we all have the same start, could it be as a poor or social low person, which is certainly not the same, what i try to say is, just see all of us as same souls, young or older.  Thus don’t judge that easy, even when u try not to judge it will seem impossible, because our opinion makes us judge and so we have to be careful and prudent with what we think, or want to accommlpish.

Some people come into ur life to show u the way, to guide u or they want to learn from u, these people will not stay in ur life forever mostly, longterm relations are like lessons in life, together u will get more aware, feel love or maybe even create hate through others, remember we were all born without that knowledge, love is another matter, love is light, which/where we are going once we leave earth, maybe not directly but in the end we will be surrounded by that light, which contains endless love, so love is in the system, but hate is the darkness, start of many bad vibrations, doing verbal or in deed, mostly its from being denied, jalousie, which is same as hate the darkness, don’t be to afraid of it, when u have the right view u will concur it before it will go to far.

Let love be the first issue u care for, love for urself and then u will be able to love others. It is far from easy to just love, same way it is the most easy ever, when u know it, when u experienced it, if u feel it, warmth and clear feelings.

See the bird, u let it free, that is what u do when u know love, u allow urself to be selfish in a way which is needed to be able to be there, present, love going through heart, body and sending out the best vibrations on earth or even universe, u need ur ego, but not to mend u, not to be u, just to survive and be able to use ur mind, listen to ur heart and mind, make it work in balance, this year we all will be busy with getting it more clear and clean, don’t think to much, let it go, just follow the ones u like and listen well, u will learn to be more modest, or maybe the opposite, it depends what u experienced up till now. Do not fight, unless it is for the voiceless, take or give, both are same, u have to be able to do both and enjoy same way. Make urself happy, u deserve that and it (u) will be so much more worth for others.

See the light, purify, cleans and vlear urself in 2014

See the light, purify, cleans and clear urself in 2014




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Wellness through love of angels and archangels.

293908_10151373768900692_1311321000_n Turquoise-Angel 1236534_180174278836014_1279317784_nLean on us, for we enfold you in Love, and lift your perspective to new heights – Your Angels

Angel’s are always there to help you, but not until asked, this is due to free will.  You have a choice to make your own path and decisions or you can ask for guidance towards your beneficial path of happiness and success.  They do not judge you as they only know love.

Lonely and feeling alone is not the same, lonely is maybe wanted, but feeling alone mostly not, no fullfillment, no sharing and so creating happiness which actually is enabled faster when u are able to share.

Angels know all that happens in our lives. They know when we are down, happy, sick, frustrated, when u worry u feek down or getting down, but In fact, the solution to all of your worries may already have been revealed to you, you just were under so much pressure you didn’t hear your guidance talking to you.

If You Are Facing Challenges Or Seeking Answers. An Angel will give u the right thinking, feeling and so the answer, ofcourse ur own spirit is there too and when u are pure and positif, u will sure feel warm and also content with the answer u got.

Laughter is a wonderful healer. Sometimes a situation cannot heal until you release the challenge complete so that healing light might come along. Do not focus on what went wrong, focus on what went right and how to get more positif and that with the more positif thinking u will see and know that it is time to let it go.

Inspired by Spirit from up above, heaven sent from the angels with much love. Angels are the bridge between heaven and earth, so it’s no surprise that angels fulfill many different roles as our guardians. They guide, protect, watch, support, encourage, help, and heal us. They also teach us lessons on how to love and laugh and how to find peace.

Have you ever felt the presence of an angel?

Feel the gratefulness of a brand new day, wake up and say Thank You!  Thank Angels for this day, thank you for your presence in my life, thank you for the sun, thank you for the rain. You can say thank you as many times you like.  As you do this you are creating a day of positive energy, you are setting the frequency declaring the way you want to go. This is very powerful.

Life creates the universe, and not the other way round
This means space and time don’t exist in the linear fashion we think it does
And if space and time aren’t linear, then death can’t exist in ‘any real sense’ either, but ofcourse when u belief that u are already way past the earthly thinking.

Now lean back and let all this knowledge come to u, u dont have agree to all, but be receptif to it and feel pain flowing away, negatif thaugths will go and u will be more clear and clean to take ur own life and bring it to what it was ment to be.

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Spirit, spiritual, spiritualety.

Spirituality means something different to everyone. For some, it’s about participating in organized religion: going to church, synagogue, a mosque, etc. For others, it’s more personal: Some people get in touch with their spiritual side through private prayer, yoga, meditation, quiet reflection, bbeing human in a christian way, without the relegion direcion or source, helping out or even long walks.

The spiritual dimension looms largest in extreme situations, when someone is faced with great challenges or a major loss. Loss could be being ill, loosing a relative or house.Unsurprisingly, the path to positive feelings often lies through more adverse emotions, such as foreboding, even terror. Stark bewilderment, rage, deep shame self-blame, and intense.

What can be done? How can we learn to accept our emotions as they arise, change in nature and intensity, and eventually fade? how can we learn to be less attached to some and averse to others? Problem recognition is the first step: knowing that something needs to be remedied. This means paying close attention to our own emotional profile. Which emotions do we prefer, and which do we try to avoid? This, in itself, is beneficial. Seeking help, finding an effective remedy and making a commitment to change come next. Using that remedy on a regular, disciplined basis will lead towards progress and maturity. This is certain, just as wound healing is certain if the wound is kept clean, free of infection, and dressed regularly. Nature takes care of it.

The soul, for example, needs an articulated world-view, a carefully worked-out scheme of values and a sense of relatedness to the whole. It needs a myth of immortality and an attitude toward death. It also thrives on spirituality that is not so transcendent-such as the spirit of family, arising from traditions and values that have been part of the family for generations.

We have a spiritual longing for community and relatedness and for a cosmic vision, but we go after them with literal hardware instead of with sensitivity of the heart. We want to know all about people from far away places, but we don’t want to feel emotionally connected to them.

Most of this story/blog has been copied……………….source:


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Spiritual: is god a human-like man or a high energy?

God, Jahwe, Jezus, Mohammed, Christ and many others are used as press-act/product to make u believe in something u are able to recognize, to fear, to cling on too, but the holy spirit is within u, universal energy is beyond and above all!

According to many god has a hands and a mind, thats probably not the case, but if u ever have been dead for some moments or minutes, u are going to an immense tremendous strong light and love, actually no earthly word will ever be able to describe it, but this caused the idea and image of heaven and the mighty high one, so god is light, light is able to get brighter or darker, thats what we are able to accomplish, still many ppl want to believe in something more real, i think thats why the whole bible, Koran and any other books are written, so if its written it could never belong to that light, that light is universal, so much more and bigger then our tiny earth in this universe and so the earthly vieuw…..also it is understood and ok ppl want to hold on to something spiriual, it is far more better then just being synical, cruel, bored or whatever gives u (and others) bad energy, its a pity so many socalled holy persons and books are abusing this sprirtual feeling and missuse it, also holy books can be understood how u want it, or like it, because to many ppl rely on what others say it means……some of the believes are putting down women, or abuse children, but thats also just a human vibe, to bad that fanatics are not able to see this and push others to believe in what they see or think, not what is…………..

Everybody on this earth has an own path, find it, go and walk it to the end,

whenever that may be, dont fear dead, unless u kill urself but actually death is the biggest reward on earth, the last splendid trip, the most enlightening final.

Due to the fact the new pope just has been chosen Angelo Scola, i am glad, because all those who believe need this ritual and he is a man who is able to make this relgion worth more, because he is modern thinking and wanting to more actualety, i want to add, to believe is very ok, but to see and know it is within u is even better, praying is very important, because then a very high spirtual energy will be send to the light we call God, Jawhe, Mohammed and all other names there are on this earth, when u are not able to acknowledge this holy light i described then u better believe in God or any other religion, instead of  not see/believing in any holy spiritual vibration at all.

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Peace needs to be in everyone’s life

We believe that every person should have the opportunity to answer life’s fundamental questions and experience the peace and fulfillment

“What is the miracle? What do we see? What do we appreciate? What do we know? What do we learn? What do we understand every single day?”

These are the words of Prem Rawat, when i was 20 years i once met him and later got knowledge by a mahatma she was bright, smart a woman, we were assayins and i really changed, suddenly the world looked different, somehow my ego was less, allthough i never gave up my mind, which was actually asked and needed to obtain that knowledge.

I still think/experience his words somtimes, i still feel like new and glowing when i remember this period and the difference it braught me, maybe this is something for u, if u want to get more direction in ur life, a purpose, goal, a leading/guidance according to a spiritual vieuw, while u still do ur job, or take care of ur family, this will u not change ur life, unless u want that it changes the way u see, think and will feel, i recommand to search for him, to look him up, flollow him via internet, just to get wise lessons to be of more importance to urself, to what u do and so will think or feel, to be human.

I will put in some more wise words spoken by him, and his picture as well, everybody who ever met him or was taken away by him, has a certain clearety, a path, life makes sense and what u are able to do with it, how to live it, where u want to be or care for, make ur spot a steppingstone for others, he will tell u, u will know how or what to do.

Some say peace is the absence of war; some say peace is when you are free from all the problems of the world. Peace is more than political peace. Peace is a fundamental experience of existence within every single human being.

It is in the minds of men that wars are created. It is from the hearts of human beings that peace will be created. If every individual were to value and feel at peace with themselves there would be no wars. There is something essentially good in every human being, when we find it, nurture it and live consciously, peace becomes a reality.

Prem Rawat

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What about us

it is all connectedWhat about us, this song by Micheal Jackson is very clear and touching, YES WHAT ABOUT US if we go on like this, people will not be able to reach the next level, which is actually near.

We need tho reach the next level because we need to expire hunger, poorness and our vieuw on how we produce and handle earth.

We have to be there for each other, to reach out, to get it together, to expand our possibilleties spiritual as well the human way. Look in the mirror and ask urself, is this what u want to be, how u want to live or is this this the life u would like to remember when u are old and it will be to late to act upon?

The next story is for all who want to dissapear and the ones who are molesters of humanty, at least that is how people will remember u, when u have a bad vibe.

Yep, catch it if u can, u need to get over this, so catch and put it away, take it to the bottom of ur experiencebox in ur head, cover it with all the blankets u have, make it go away, vanish, dissapear…….

How do u do that, some memories keep coming back, they look around the corner all the time and as soon u are a bit down, or someone reminds u in what way so ever, the memory jumps at u, from its corner and enjoys the stay in the front of ur experiencebox, it haunts u and make u get no sleep at all, even when its old and was crumbled to practicly nothing….. it blows itself up, it comes loud and clear, u smell, hear and sometimes even see the experience like it happend yesterday….. people are able to hurt u in a horrible way, just for fun, or they are addicted or they want the power even when they have to make u feel very bad, some of them even like it that way.

How and why, i will never know, but getting hurt by people is the worst what can happen, so much worse if the occuring of terrible feelings would exist just be by accident, or wrong judgement, maybe a childish mistake. So why, does the person have no conciense, no limits or has he/she been been hurt too and cannot handle that and just wants to do this to others, instead having to deal with him/herself?

Well i think i should feel good that i dont know why people do this to each other, in stead holding back and i know for sure half of the harm and pain would be prevented if u are being raised the right way, ur surroundings shows u limits when u are a child and bad behavior, guilt/responseble for that will be punished, so one learns.

Whatever ur experiences are, dont get over it, dont put it way, try to revive it, slowly, with all ur brains, tell urself u are ok and not the victim, the victim is the one who is going beyond and over the human limit, i know it sounds easy and seems foolish, but if u try it each day piece by piece, u get stronger and the feelings about it will first walk aside u, untill u know u are not responseble and actually the hurter will seem and lateron be the poor one, just take ur time, tell urself u are right, ok and far more then the stupid human who is trying to bring u down, now u turn the role/it around and in the end u are above it all, how long that make take, in the end u will, if u want to know some more about how to gain balance or see the real purpose of life,read more in this website, maybe it will bring u some knowledge, or warmth:) and spiritual guidance.

To many people kill themselves, commit suicide, jump in front of a train, while in the end mostly u are able to get out of it, self-confidence is needed here and if possible someone aside u who understands, who shows u love, strength, patience, words will never be enough, but understanding and love will make u see, will maybe help u out, give it a try, get professional help, dont be ashamed, angry or demonstated, help urself in coming back to the life u had, the life where u felt good, made u move forward and want to be part off. Dont give it away and dont dispair, it will not last forever, feeling like nothing, numb, depressed and sorry this sounds cruel, but after all its also in between ur ears, in ur mind, see that and the healing begins, u put the one, the fact, the situation, what is making u crazy out of ur head, lame him/her/it and make it smaller so u will be able to deal with it, after all, u are worth it, death is easy, life is not, but if u kill urself u will never know how fantastic it can be, what would happen to u and all the ones who love u will not have to grieve, also know, if u kill urself, u will have to do it all over again and because u make many ppl who love u suffer, u will also have to deal with that too the next time..wehn u succeed in making it smaller in ur head/mind, then u will be able to deal with the realety, the real cause of ur pain/depression, every step is one, start ur walk on ur path, dont let urself down, dont give up hope, today is dark, tomorrow will be dark, maybe because ur darken ur vieuw, what is the value of that……. consider this well.


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This is earthangel Michael, the only one left between earth and heaven.

One song can spark a moment, One flower colours the field, One tree starts a forest, One bird can herald spring, One smile begins a friendship, One hand clap lifts a soul, One star can guide a ship at sea, One word can frame the goal, One vote can change a nation, One sunbeam lights a room, One candle wipes out darkness, One laugh will conquer gloom, One step could start a journey, One word should be each a prayer, One hope will raise our spirits, One touch shows love and care, One voice speaks often wisdom, One heart knows what’s true, One and each life makes the difference, You see it’s up to YOU

Create the life that u want now, go with the flow and let ur heart and mind speak in same positif level, 2007/2008/2009 will be moments to cleanse all, urself and the earth, just do what u can, to keep polution to a minium, enjoy all that is given in this matter and stand up for clean systems and production, agraculture and chopping wood, anything we do, its all able to do without ”steeling” , thus take what is not ours, thats how we treath/use earth, because like hunger and war is not needed, we will turn down the system of missusing and abuse…as well for people as this whole world, which is a powerfull nature, so…dont underastimate our mother earth.

The year 2009/2010 braught the sense into our whole system, apart from eating and be natural, we arel be able or try to see and feel more, then we did before,  the time to look at our life, dont u mind, whats going around, a kind off aggressif system, people so angry, hysterical…….or like dead, no feelings, no care, no motive, this is helas the outcome of the bad time we were into, the ppl who are numb, or angry, they could not help it, never forget we all have been there, we all started somewhere in this demension, so dont judh=ge just be there, present.

Do u want to be one off them, or the one who could lead, shows how it can be, becoming a real human being, we are eachothers steppingstones, no one is more or higher, only different, u ill see the first steps towards a major moneyproblem 2009/2010, but in the end, for the better, it suspected to have been a real rollover in the end off 2011, 28 oktober, the world as we know now has come to an end, that is to say, the first changes and chances will occur, 2012 will be the real year off coming there, i guess uptill 2024 everything wil lbe different, exept for love, and all positif vibrations, for instance, power will be so more clear where it should go/be. Or the way we will handle nature and all that has to do with our previously intentions will be another flow, so much more positif..If u want to be aware off that, start now, try to eat less meat, or not gained by the way we raise and use animals now, offcourse there are numerous ways to be able to get more clear, with urself and the world around u, step by step, u will get there, u will feel it, u will make the right move, others will act, same as u, to fullfill the way we will become, i cannot wait!!!!.

CHOOSE, THINK WITH UR HEART AND MIND, SENSE.AND FEEL IT, THEN TALK OR ACT..U could visit my other webpage, it is in dutch,( working on the english translation), about pollution off our mother earth and what u can do.

click here to email me

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u have to take care of ur health and that of earth, so both will live

U know, there was a lot of angels, now there is only one left, who is able to enter earth and ‘heaven’, the messenger from and to us…… u can ask him to come and see u…… but u can better help u, if u pray, pray for worldpeace, no asking for ur self……… Many times u might have been on earth, but it is also possible that u did not even choose this life yet and been pushed in it……..and u are here for the first time. Realization of urself and ur doing with that, is the most important thing, never make an end to ur life…… does not help……. and because u make ur family suffer by that it is even bad to do, so ask urself……when ur down and out……..what do i want, is that realety, is that love, hate, envie, being obsessed, how/what/why can i do that, and now-, close ur eyes and try to see a little ligth, above in between ur eyes, dont think, just keep ur eyes closed, after that, do whatever u like the most, so it easy fits in.

Because we all start the same way, we may be on different levels, due to awareness and being here not for the first time, this is no right to judge another, always know, u have been there too.

Everybody has her/his purpose and is able to reach it, if u doubt that…maybe u do not love or know urself enough… Why do we want to be together, why do u feel so good, when u are not alone, still we live our lifes in our own body, we cannot mingle, like water, but actually we want that, because we come from a demension, where we were like water all together, because we choosen to live on earth, to the someone, we become, to learn, to cleans, to die and go to another demension, a higher one, more close to that light, to go in the end, into that light, we call god, the lord, allah, holy father, to become one, this light is here, on earth as well, with whatever we do, we can either make it stronger or weaker.

Try to act knowing u are an example for children and never try to hurt……..

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