This page is about LOVE, because love is the most important drive in our lives.

Hate is the complete opposite of love and can place u in a damaging position. U should never let hate enter ur system and if u have, u should really try to get it out, this is easy, if u tell urself that u go down with it.

Now if u know love, [ mostly, because ur parents love u for example, as a kid u loved a pet, or other animal, friends and offcourse ur mother and father, then u know how to give love too and that is not really heavy work, but most important.

Why is it that people can not live together, in that way so war would be impossible?

Well, u can try to be a nonviolence person, first in ur own surroundings and if ur honest with urself, believe me, i repeat this on each page, because thats one off the most imoprtant things….truth in and with urself..u will find out, that it is easy to love and be without aggressive/negatif feelings against other humans, or creatures on this earth and then the way to a ‘loving’ and respectfull life is open and it will not be always easy, but it is ur path.. stay on track and enjoy, always try to enjoy…..

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