Guidance Spirit

Everybody has a guidance spirit, but if u not know that, he/she will protect u, as given, so doing, u may get aware of him/her, if u are aware of ur spirit..u get a bond with her/him and will be aware of many things, if ur intentions are positive, sickness will be a weak point or cause of ur attitude, but if u are really clear and clean, u would not be on this earth, so relax about it and u can work it out here, on this earth, find ur guidance spirit….try to get a bond and live a free and human life…u will be an example for others, be honest with urself….. and nothing can go wrong… even if it looks that way….when u walk a path, it is never only one straigth line, it goes to the left or rigth, up and down, now if u have choosen the wrong way, u will find out, -however, u will get a second chance, actually u will get chances over and over, till u choose the good way, its a matter of time and urself, how life will developpe for u, remember this, time can become an issue, but also quality is important, its all up to u………

God as it is, could create, but the one, who is god, is human invention, for a very high spititual energy, whatever we do, or think, which intention we have, it will either darken, or lighten this energy, creation lays inbetween this, power as we know it, cannot tell us, what we dont know, most call it god, allah and so on, the image off god, does not tell us how “”he”‘ is, but what we want to egnolize, what we want to understand, thus it is impossible to actually speak off creation off dead, dieing is another birth, a fase in the eternal life we are living, untill we melt into tht light, then we call it heaven, hell is in between ur ears, u are able to make it hell, in ur life here on earth, a disabled person is not that hell u think off, hell is the negatif vibe u or we create, when we dont understand the purpose off why we are here and close our abbileties, to receive the positif vibe, which is always around, what u see, is what u can handle, comperhend, alias understand, we all live serveral lifes, each time we go levels up, never judge, even a criminal, or social weaker person than u, dont forget, u have been there too. If u are light(hope i spell that right) enough, u go to the light……….the inmense eternal energy, even then u dont die, u merge, u do that what u urge for all ur lifes u lived, beinmg together, full off love and in peace. sometimes i had to choose words, i would not have choosen, if i could have wrote this down in dutch, my native language, i still hope u will understand the essentie, off what i tried to say.

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